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Customer Billing Information:
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What is the physical address of the location where internet service is to be installed? (If different from billing address.)
Additional Contact Information
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High-Speed Internet (Broadband)
Which Broadband Service do you want? (Please only select the Broadband Service available in your area.)
Choose your DSL/Fiber Speed: Choose your Cable Speed:
Internet Add-on Features
Directcom recommends a wireless router with your broadband installation, so you can use your laptop, or other wifi-enabled device in any room. We will install the router, and set up your wifi network free at the time the initial service install if you purchase it from us.
Please select a router option:
Broadband Contract

Would you like to accept the 1-year service commitment or pay for the install?

Download a PDF version of the 1-year service agreement: 
1-year DSL Service Contract
2-year DSL Service Contract

A tech will present this contract to you to sign at the time of install.

Installation of DSL service is now FREE with a 1-year commitment. ($250 savings.)Without a contract, installation on bundled DSL service is $250.

Installation of Cable Broadband service is also FREE with a 1-year commitment. ($100 savings.)

We are currently offering FREE install and a FREE modem lease with a 1-year commitment for Cable Broadband. If you do not want to commit to a 1-year service period, you can buy the modem up front ($50)

(DSL install fees are set by federal regulation and not by Direct Communications. We cannot change or waive these fees without a 1-year commitment, so don't ask us to.)
Telephone Services
Direct Communications offers traditional landline telephone service, digital VOIP phone service(Direct VOIS), and Syringa Wireless Mobile Phone service. Traditional landline service is available only in our local phone exchange areas of Bear Lake, Arbon and Rockland.Our wireless and VOIP telephone services are available throughout southeast Idaho.
Which telephone services do you want?  

- $25.76 (excluding taxes)
- $19 (excluding taxes)
-$19.95 - includes unlimited local & unlimited long distance

A $30 one-time activation fee applies to new telephone line installs. Lanline telephone price of $25.76 does not include applicable state and federal taxes and surcharges.

"Unlimited" Long Distance calling includes 1500 minutes of residential direct-dialed domestic long distance minutes to continental USA, per billing period. After 1500 long distance minutes, calls will be charged at $0.10 per minute until end of billing period.

Local phone exchange areas include: Arbon, Rockland, Paris, Liberty, Ovid, Bloomington, St Charles, Fish Haven, Bear lake West.

We are required by federal law to gather either your social security number or driver license number in order to set up a new account for landline phone service. 

When we call you back to finalize your service order and accept payment for the $30 phone line activation fee, the customer service representative will ask for your social security number or driver license number.

Please choose a long distance option:  

FCC regulations require that we provide you the option of establishing a security question and password for you account, to protect your Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI).

Once we have established your account number, we will ask that you set up a CPNI password, either by coming into the office, mailing in a form, or filling out the CPNI form online.
Cable TV
Direct Communications Cable is a better deal than satellite. We don't make you pay for worthless filler channels you don't watch. We know who our audience is. We only carry the best quality networks, and leave out the trash. Plus, only Direct Cable gives you both the Idaho and Utah local network channels.

We have more of what you really watch, for less money.

See our Cable TV channel lineup 

Compare our line up to satellite here.

Download a printable channel line-up card here.

Which Cable TV package would you like to order?
Add a PREMIUM DIGITAL PACKAGE Choose Digital Receiver Box (Required to receive Premium Digital Service)
Payment Method

Please choose how you will receive your bill:


Direct Communications is saving more trees today with paperless billing. This means we generate electronic bills, which are sent to your email address each month. You will then be able to pay your bill for free online, or sign up for autopay, where your monthly payment is automatically drawn from your credit card or checking account. You will also be able to print a statement from your online account and mail in a check.

You can still receive a paper bill if you really want one, but a paper bill will cost $3.00 per month.

If you are a telephone-only customer, or a cable TV-only customer without internet access, you will not be charged to receive a paper bill. If you still want a paper bill, and qualify under those conditions, please indicate below:
Note: You will be mailed your first bill for free so that you will have the neccessary information (like your new account #) you will need to set up your online account.
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