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What is Direct Digital Voice?
Digital home phone service from Direct Communcations, a real telephone company.

How does it work?
You plug your existing phone into the supplied VOIP-enabled cable modem, dial as usual, and we do the rest. We send your phone call digitally, over your high-speed internet connection. You may even keep your exising home phone number.

Is it reliable?
We use all IP phones at our own telephone company headquarters to provide telephone service to each employee desk. Not only is it reliable, but with so many advanced features, like voicemail to email, online call screening, call management, and one-click calling, it makes using the phone fun again.

How much will I save?
You could save $400 a year on your local phone bill.
Compare us to your current provider:

Feature Direct Vois Centurylink
Local Phone & Features
Local Calling
Long Distance Calling
Number of Calling Features
Taxes & Fees
Total Phone Bill
Monthly savings $34.05
Annual Savings $408.60
*Estimated taxes.
**Compared to Qwest Choice Home Plus on 12/01/2006

Loads of Free features
No more long distance bills.
Stop paying all those phone taxes.

Call 208 548 2345 to sign up for Direct Digital VOICE today.

Unlimited Local & Long Distance Calling $24.95
• Account Portal Access 
• Anonymous Call Rejection  
• Automatic Callback 
• Caller ID  
• Calling Line Name Delivery 
• Call Forwarding Always 
• Call Forwarding Busy  
• Call Forwarding No Answer  
• Call Forwarding Not Reachable  
• Call Forwarding Selective  
• Call Return 
• Call Waiting  
• CommPilot Express
• Do Not Disturb  
• Last Number Redial 
• Priority Alert  
• Selective Call Acceptance  
• Selective Call Rejection  
• Sequential Ring 
• Simultaneous Ring Personal
• Speed Dial 8  
• Sequential Ring 
• Simultaneous Ring Personal
• Three-Way Call 
• Voice Mail
• Voice Mailbox Management 
• Voice Message Notification
• Voice Message to Email


Direct Digital Voice Web Portal

Direct Vois Web Portal (legacy)

Customer Quick Start Guide

Calling Features User Guide

Voicemail User Guide

NOTE: You will need a high-speed Internet connection to use Direct Vois phone service.

$30 one-time activation fee.
ATA/modem will be provided free with a one-year service commitment.

What is included in the unlimited calling?
Unlimited calling includes unlimited local calling and unlimited domestic  long distance within the USA (including Hawaii and Alaska) and Canada. International calling available on request. Low per-minute rates on international calls are available. 411 and other premium charge calling services will be extra.  There are no monthly caps, but unlimited calling and other services are subject to normal use, to prevent automated robo-calls, fraud, and abuse of our unlimited calling plans and features. See our Reasonable Use Policy.

Direct Vois Broadband Phone Service: Service not available in all areas. Prices do not include taxes, incremental charges and surcharges. Some features incompatible with others. Subject to applicable restrictions and service agreements. Direct Vois Broadband Phone Service: Service (including 911 calling) will not function during a power outage and may not function during network congestion. Use of 911 service permitted only at a Direct Communications-local phone exchange service address, otherwise 911 calls will not route directly to a 911 operator. Customers should secure an alternative to 911 service.

Read full VOIP contract and disclosure here.

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