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10 reasons to keep your
home phone

A home phone is indispensable to the safety and happiness of their family.

1. The satellite TV providers will charge you an extra $6 a month if you can't plug in your satellite receiver to a landline phone jack. You will have problems ordering programming and many TV features won't work.

2. Most home security systems rely on your home phone line to instantly alert security companies about threats to the home from burglary or fire.

3. Conversations are not dropped because of poor signal quality.

4. Local 911 services have the caller’s exact location when a caller calls from a landline due to your home phone’s direct connection with the 911 network. Emergency services may not find you on a cell phone.

5. Your fiber optic line is the most reliable, secure and fastest way to deliver high-speed internet to your home. Save up to $32 a month when you bundle your phone and DSL or Fiber Optic Broadband service with Direct Communications.

6. Your home phone provides unlimited local calling and affordable long distance. No counting minutes or expensive penalties for going over your allotted time.

7. No surprises on your phone bill—you know what it will be each month so can mange your household budget more effectively.

8. A home phone is easy and cheap to buy and replace. Cell phones are very expensive, and the usual accompanying contracts extremely costly to you in the long run.

9. Your home phone service has its own power backup, so will keep working during extended power blackouts. (Make sure you also keep a simple phone in the home that doesn’t require batteries to operate in case of power outages.) A Voip phone won't work in a power outage, and your cell phone battery will go dead eventually.

10. Direct Communications is your local company and is completely committed to our rural community. Your local phone dollars are all channeled directly back to building up and improving your town's communications infrastructure. Don’t send your phone dollars out the valley to be sucked up by wireless mega-corporations. Do they really care what happens to your town?

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Total Connection Triple-Play BUNDLE
Syringa Wireless 1000 Mins Anytime Anywhere Phone
Your Syringa wireless plan includes:
1000 anytime minutes national long distance & roaming.
25 free text messages
Unlimited Nights & Weekends Long Distance(7PM-7AM) (in network)
Long distance & roaming overages only $0.10 per minute
Unlimited Incoming calls (in network)
Unlimited Mobile to Mobile (in network)

Free calling features
Calling features
Caller ID
Call Waiting
Call Forwarding
(Long distance & roaming overages- $0.10 per minute)
Available Add Ons:

600 text messages (per line) $5
Unlimited texting (per line) $15
Add up to 3 additional shared lines for $10/mo per line.
Add Unlimited 3G in-network & unlimited 2G nationwide roaming - $25

NOTE: You may not drop your Direct Communications landline phone service if you sign up for a Syringa phone under this bundle deal. This incredible deal was negotiated with Syringa Wireless as a "mobile share line" to your landline service. No landline, no bundled Phone Deal for you.syringa
Syringa mobile phone activation is FREE with a 2-year commitment.

Directcom Broadband DSL
6Mb speed included Why choose DirectCom DSL?
  • Get more reliability from Idaho’s only fiber-optic network.
  • We provide a stable, wired connection.
  • True unlimited bandwidth with no caps.
  • Fastest broadband speed in town. Choose up to 100Mb.*
  • Better customer service from a local company.

Your bundle includes 6 Mb high-speed DSL internet.

Free install.
Free DSLmodem/wireless router combo.

experience the fastest speed in Idaho
upgrade to 12 Mb DSL $10.00 /mo
Static IP address $10.00 /mo
Local Landline Home Phone
Your local home phone includes:

Unlimited Local Calling
Unlimited Incoming calls

Long distance only $0.15 per minute
Available Add Ons:

Full Digital Calling Feature Bundle - TOP 4 Features -Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voicemail and Call Forwarding- only $8.95
Long Distance Calling - 15c per minute- Anytime, anywhere continental USA

syringa local network coverage map

Syringa Terms and Conditions
• No activation fee with 2 year contract.
2 year commitment required on all plans.
• Text message overages will be billed at .10¢ per message.
• Subscribers can move to a higher rate plan within the first six months of service.
• 14 day return policy.
• E911 State and Federal taxes and regulatory fees apply.
• Optional feature charges are billed per phone.
• All charges are billed at minute increments rounded to the next highest minute.
• CDMA Digital E911 compatible phone required on all rate plans.
* Current coverage areas depicted in graphical representation shows approximate licensed coverage
area of Syringa Wireless and our CDMA roaming partners. Actual coverage may vary due to terrain,
weather, signal strength, customer equipment and other factors. Clarity and reception may be diminished
by obstructions such as buildings and foliage. No guarantee of coverage is available.

Terms and Conditions
Bundle discount availalbe on approved credit only.
Rates do not include applicable taxes and surcharges. Taxes and fees will be about $20 more.
2 year service commitment required.
Offer available to residential broadband customers only. Offer expires 12/30/2013.
*No equipment to buy, with 2 year service commitment. Offer available to residential customers in Direct Communications’ cable service area only. No cost modem provided remains property of Directcom and must be returned if service is terminated, or equipment charges will be applied. Read more online at
20, 50 and 100Mb speeds only available for fiber-to-the-home customers. For regular copper line customers, 12Mb is top DSL speed offered.
You must keep that same internet speed through the entire commitment period. No downgrades during the contract period.

Broadband Installation is free with a 1-year commitment. Listed speeds are approximate and may vary depending on line conditions. You will be authorized to receive “up to” listed download and upload speeds. DSL service requires a modem. Download and read the full contract online at
*plus applicable taxes and franchise fees.

Direct Communications can take any action to protect our network, our rights and interests. We reserve the right to cancel or change service plan offerings at anytime without notification to subscribers.

DSL service not available in all areas. Call for availability. Some speeds not available in all areas. Call for availability.

Listed speeds are approximate and may vary depending on line conditions. You will be authorized to receive “up to” listed download and upload speeds.

Internet service requires a DSL modem/router combo. If you do not pass the credit check, you will have to purchase this equipment up front. Regular purchase price is $80.

You may terminate the Service upon notification to DCDI. You agree that the monthly charge for the month in which Service is terminated shall be forfeit as a Cancellation Charge. In the event of early cancellation of a one year Term Service commitment, you agree to pay a $250 cancellation charge.

Download and read the full contract here.



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